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Pediatric Services

Child care

Children's needs are different from adults and it is the same when it comes to health. A pediatrician is a specialized doctor who takes care of infants and children between the ages of 2- 18 years old. We put forth our best effort to prevent and cure illness in growing children, so they can enjoy their life to the fullest.

At Superkids Child Care Clinic, we provide consultation for children going through cognitive or physical health issues. We provide immunization as well as complete guidance related to nutrition and the seamless development of children. Our child-friendly environment will make sure that every child feels comfortable with our team and throughout the treatment. The highly professional team at Superkids Child Care Clinic will ensure the safety, quick recovery and complete care of children.

A Pediatrician makes sure that your child lives healthy.

Some preventive diseases can be cured but some chronic illnesses take consistent medical help. Cold, flu, and pneumonia to diarrhea and constipation, also allergic reactions, infectious diseases like measles and chickenpox, asthma, diabetes and other chronic ailments, neurodivergent disorders, genetic conditions or nutritional issues, We provide treatment for a myriad of conditions to prevent any hindrance to the growth of your child. Our services as a pediatric clinic

  • Regular checkups: We monitor the physical growth and cognitive development of children.
  • Complete vaccination: Age-wise mandatory vaccination to prevent diseases.
  • Disease management: Provide treatment and assessment of children until they are disease-free.
  • Outpatient visits: Visit us to get cures for small injuries, common colds, infections and fevers.
  • Nutritional knowledge: Proper diet charts, and specific nutrition guidance from newborn to adolescent.
  • Guidance for parents: we offer resources to enhance the information of parents about developing children.
  • Therapy and rehabilitation: Specialized therapy and rehabilitation for a child in need.

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