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Growth and development

Child development care

To make sure the child is healthy, it is important to monitor their growth and development. Every kid is different and has different requirements which is why parents should seek pediatrician specialist help. We aim to provide accurate information and guidance to the caretaker so that a child can lead a healthy life.

At Superkids Child Care Clinic we take measures of every growing stage of babies. Growth in children can be defined as how well their physical characteristics like height and weight are increasing. Our specialists ensure to monitor the growth and prevent any diseases. Whereas Development in children stands for their cognitive ability, learning ability, physical and emotional ability. With our extensive compassionate care, we make sure that every kid is growing and developing healthily.

Proper growth and development are crucial.

With our top-notch medical, we at Superkids Child Care Clinic pave the way for every child. With our growth and development services, parents can have complete information about their growing kids. It will be easier to detect, treat and recover any illness or disorder at an early stage so, it is important to be in touch with a child specialist. The overall health of the child should be prioritized.

  • Routine checkups: We monitor physical and cognitive health.
  • Milestone achievement: Milestones of growing infants like crawling, walking etc.
  • Nutritional guidance: Proper diet charts, and nutritional information for growing children.
  • Growth chart: To measure the height and weight parameters in the kids.
  • Cooperation with parents: To provide accurate knowledge to parents/caregivers about growing children

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